Created for Women by Women

Why did we create AdventurUs Women? Because we believe there is an adventure in all of us, but there is not always an opportunity. Community, age, geography, family, apprehension, lack of connection to like minds – women are often confronted with restrictions that can keep them from exploring the more adventurous side of outdoor living.

Our Mission

Removing Barriers, Creating Opportunities

AdventurUs Women is a women-led company dedicated to providing the opportunity for women of all ages, races, sizes, backgrounds and experience levels to learn and experience outdoor activities in beautiful environments. Confronting the reality that outdoor activities can be intimidating if not impossible to access on one’s own, AdventurUs Women strives to create affirming learning environments that encourage friendship and skill building while connecting with nature in stunning locales. We are a company and a community intent on supporting other women both in their outdoor journey and as professionals. To that end, whenever it is possible, we commit to promoting and partnering with companies that are owned and operated by women.

Women Outdoors

Our Culture & Values

  • Provide affirming and supportive spaces for women to learn and explore in the outdoors.
  • Lead with compassion. Lead to inspire.
  • Create an environment that encourages fun, laughter and friendship.
  • Welcome women of all ages, race, size, background, and experience levels, inclusive of anyone who identifies as a women or femme.
  • Embrace nature as our classroom.
  • Share knowledge as a way to empower and build confidence in outdoor skills.

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Bend, OR
Sept. 10-13, 2020


Virtual Experiences

March / April


Meet Our Team


Saveria Tilden has more than a decade’s experience in the outdoor industry, managing and developing


McKayla Crump and Bekah Kuhl are two advertising professionals with nearly 15 years of combined agency experience

Bekah Kuhl (she-her-hers)

Marketing Strategist

Bekah Kuhl and McKayla Crump are two advertising professionals with nearly 15 years of combined agency experience

Zita Mazzola (she-her-hers)

Event Coordinator

Zita Mazzola is a production supervisor and coordinator active in the film industry since the mid-1980s. Over the

Diane Espaldon (she-her-hers)

Strategic & Inspirational North Star

Diane Espaldon is a strategy consultant in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. With 25 years of experience

Steph Jagger (she-her-hers)

Emcee & Inner Journey Guide

We are excited to have Steph Jagger joining us for the Escapes as a guide, emcee and giver of hugs. Steph is