AdventurUs Women Community Calls

Authentic Connection in a Time of Social Distancing & Virtual Experiences

The question we have been asking ourselves over the past week is, how do we find an authentic connection in a time of social distancing and virtual experiences? In today’s rapidly changing landscape we are trying to figure out how to passionately pursue our mission to bring together women as a community in a time of “Safer at Home,” “Social Distancing,” and “Self Quarantines.”


Almost as fast as I was overwhelmed with the idea of staying at home for the next few weeks with only my husband and dog, I was equally overwhelmed with all of the content being shared about how to stay busy and stay connected. Don’t get me wrong online yogaart classestrivia nightsexercise classes… are great options to have. But between the 24/7 news cycle and all of these new online activities, I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at me. 


We want authentic connection in a time of social distancing and virtual experiences, so we decided to offer a group video call on week one of our lock down and connecting with each other was awesome. The purpose was solely to connect, see friendly faces, meet new faces, and have some much-needed facetime. The group on the call agreed we should do more of them – so we ARE! Group calls with friends, family, and our community have been providing us connection, levity, support  have been so helpful that we are hosting AWesome calls for the next 4 weeks on varying days and times so that you have multiple opportunities to join us. Finding a routine is critical to getting through this… so pick an option that works for you and get it on your calendar. We can’t wait to see you.


Authentic Connection in a Time of Social Distancing & Virtual Experiences


Awesome Group Call: Weekly Pre-Game

Monday mornings @ 7am PST
AWesome Group Call: Weekly Pre-Game


Let’s start the week together. Grab your beverage of choice… coffee, tea, smoothies, green juice… however, you start your day. Show up as you are… messy hair / styled hair, make-up free / make-up done, pajama-clad / dressed to impress.  We’ll talk about weekend recaps, weekly goals, and more.



AWesome Group Call: BYOB Happy HourTuesday evenings @ 6pm PST
AWesome Group Call: BYOB Happy Hour


Grab a drink… wine, beer, kombucha, tea, soda – whatever calls your name at the end of a day. Points for creative drinkware. Be prepared to share what you are binge-watching, discuss if we are safer at home with all that ice cream in the fridge, and what future adventure you are dreaming about is getting you through the day. 





AWesome Ladies Who LunchWednesdays midday/midweek check-in @ noon PST
AWesome Group Call: Ladies Who Lunch


Hump day! Time to celebrate that we are halfway through the week and check-in to see how everyone is doing. Are we sinking or swimming? What’s for lunch?



Open to all: We get these are strange times and our lives are a little upside down, especially at home. Pets are welcome, kids are welcome, whatever makes it possible for you to join we are good with. Come as you are and know that whatever background situation is your current reality… will only add to the fun. Also feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier.


Make some time for connection… take a break from consumption.


And hopefully soon… we can start planning adventures together in person!