Meet the Team: McKayla Crump & Bekah Kuhl

McKayla Crump and Bekah Kuhl are two advertising professionals with nearly 15 years of combined agency experience. Together, they own and run a boutique ad agency called ToMarket. The duo has created award winning campaigns in the tourism, outdoor, and non-profit sector.

As two outdoor enthusiasts who have experienced the myriad of benefits fresh air offers, McKayla and Bekah strive to inspire more women to get outside while leaning on their own outdoor experiences to fuel their creativity and campaigns.

Based in Bend, Oregon the two originally met during their years working for ad agencies in Anchorage, Alaska. This is where they were brought together by a plethora of uniquely Alaska experiences (ask them about northern lights chasing!). McKayla has a B.S. in Advertising from Syracuse University while Bekah holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Gonzaga University.