Meet the Team: Diane Espaldon, Strategic & Inspirational North Star

Diane Espaldon is a strategy consultant in the philanthropic and nonprofit sector. With 25 years of experience, Diane works with those committed to expanding art and culture, creativity, social justice, and healing of body, spirit, and the earth. For both philanthropic institutions and nonprofits, Diane provides strategic advice and planning, board/staff strategic meeting facilitation, executive coaching, studies, assessments and evaluations for strategy and impact, and design of multi-year philanthropic initiatives.


Diane has particular interest and experience in helping clients develop new programs and initiatives specifically designed to influence and change their broader field and/or to create a new dynamic and presence in the field that has not existed before.


Based in Los Angeles, Diane was born in the Philippines, grew up in Guam, and still has close personal ties to that Pacific region. Diane has a B.A. in Government from Harvard University and an M.A. from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.