Elle with cow at animal sanctuary

Meet the Team: Elle Biesemeyer, Editorial Intern

Time to Meet the Team! We are excited to welcome our Summer 2020 intern, Elle Biesemeyer.

Elle (she/her/hers) is a rising senior at Scripps College majoring in Writing & Rhetoric and Anthropology. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, the outdoors have been an integral part of her upbringing.

In her various adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest with her dog, Trooper, Elle has experienced the transformative power of the outdoors. With every step she takes beyond her comfort zone, she gains confidence, independence, and witnesses the strength of her own body.

Social justice organizing has always called to her both on campus and beyond, following her into her personal relationship with the outdoors. Historically, there has been little representation for plus-size women like Elle in the industry, leading to a sense of disempowerment. She works to advocate for and write the narratives of the diverse experiences of other women in the outdoors.