Workshops for Adventurous Women

Summer Solstice Workshop Series

Summer is upon us!  This Saturday, June 20th, is the Summer Solstice marking the longest day of the year!  Summer Solstice is a celebration of the sun and nature, it’s a time of reflection and one’s inner spiritual journey, it’s a time of new beginnings, it symbolizes patience and a time to slow down, it represents a peak and change. Source: Bustle 


Now more than ever what this day symbolizes feels incredibly relevant.


We will be hosting a week-long series of women-led virtual interactive workshops starting on the 20th tying into the Summer Solstice. AdventurUs Women wants to continue supporting the members of our community through empowering educational opportunities and connections with like-minded women. 



The cost of workshops are based on a pay-what-you-can scale. 100% of what you pay will go directly to the workshop guide or a cause/charity of their choice. The workshops are not meant to be free, but we also understand that many folks are still feeling the financial impacts of COVID-19. We ask that you please honor the pay-what-you-can model and compensate our guides for their time.


Here are the details for each workshop and the amazing women leading them.


Summer Solstice Yoga

Summer Solstice Yoga with Rebecca BellSummer Solstice Yoga

With the Summer Solstice being the longest day of the year join us for a morning yoga Vinyasa Flow practice to connect with yourself and set an intention for Summer. In this well rounded class we will begin with sun salutations move into standing poses with a focus on shoulder and heart openers to prepare you for gentle backbending and hip opening ending with a guided relaxation leaving you feeling uplifted and nourished ready for Summer!

Meet Rebecca: Rebecca has been teaching and practicing yoga for over 25 years. For the same period of time, she also has been a bodyworker. She co-founded The Yoga Lab in Bend, Oregon and is a Yoga Ambassador for lululemon and a Hydo Flask brand ambassador. She leads daily classes, offers workshops, retreats, and facilitates teacher trainings around the world with her 32 years of deep studies of Ashtanga Yoga, body work and sobriety. Rebecca competes in 100 mile Mountain bike races, ultra runs and she was a professional rock climbing guide. She understands the athlete’s world and body. Rebecca currently resides in Bend, Oregon with her husband and two boys. Rebecca can be found at or @rebeccabellyoga on Instagram

Payment Info: This class is free if you need the support during this time or your donation will given to Saving Grace an organization providing comprehensive domestic violence and sexual assault services in Central Oregon and promoting  the value of living life free from violence.  Please Venmo @Rebecca-Bell-41



Outside Together and COVID

Getting Outside Together and COVID with Brie ChartierGetting Outside Together and COVID with Brie Chartier

As another weekend comes to a close we will join in an open discussion about being outside together while protecting ourselves and our communities from COVID. As states begin to open back and we look at COVID being here for a while, we are beginning to make decisions about getting outdoors. We know that the outdoors provides physical and mental health benefits as does the community and connection we get from being outside together. Brie will cover what is our social responsibility in getting outdoors, how does Leave No Trace play a part, and how we can #recreateresponsibly 

Meet Brie: Brie’s love of being outside started as a toddler and never let up.  It was inevitable that they would end up working in National Parks starting as a cave tour guide in Carlsbad Caverns. Brie worked at a number of National Park units before coming to work in law enforcement and then outdoor recreation planning for the BLM. When she came out as transgender two years ago, she found her passion in advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the world; especially the outdoors. Brie loves teaching and empowering others and it was only natural to pursue training as a climbing instructor. When Brie is not climbing, she caves, goes on bike tours, explores canyons, and volunteers as board president for the Bakersfield Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity.  When she is home, she loves to cook and spend time with her best friend and son.

Payment Info:  This class is free if you need the support during this time but donations are appreciated, 100% goes to the workshop leader. Venmo: @Brie-Chartier



Discovering Your Numerology Profile  

Numerology with Kenya Jackson SaultersAdventurUs Women Numerology Workshop with Kenya Jackson Sauters

Come ready to discover your numerology profile!  Kenya will walk us through what numerology is, how to get our profile, and provide some insight into our results . This workshop was a HUGE hit at last year’s Bend Escape. Kenya will also share more about We Hike to Heal Week happening June 21-27!

Meet Kenya: Master workshop facilitator, Kenya Jackson-Saulters, MS, is a four-time published self-help author who is known for her unique brand of nontraditional self-help. To date, she has traveled to countless colleges and universities, including Georgia Tech, Xavier University and the University of Dayton to name a few. A known quarter life crisis expert, Kenya has also graced the main stage of TEDx Greenville as a featured presenter, and is currently the head speaker coach for TEDxMorehouse.

Most recently, she has blended the health benefits of exercise, meditation and writing to form a custom personal development experience for women called The Outdoor Journal Tour. The Outdoor Journal Tour uses each of the aforementioned elements to provide clarity, healing, and connection for participants. Kenya has been an advocate for personal discovery through writing for over 10 years and is currently training to be a certified spiritual practitioner.

Kenya holds dual undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology from Xavier University, and a master’s degree in Policy Analysis with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from Georgia State University. Kenya has married her love for writing, spirituality, and mental health to help women pursue their passions in a healthy sustainable way. In January 2017 Kenya became a certified Reiki Master.

Visit these websites to learn more.,,

Payment Info: Please pay what you can, 100% goes to the workshop leader.



The Role of Self-Care in Showing Up
Self Care and Showing Up with Geraldine De BrauneSelf Care and Showing Up with Geraldine de Braune

It’s intense in the world these days, and we’re all feeling pulled and called toward something, to do something, or to take action. Let’s talk about how and why we can utilize and cultivate those moments in between all the doing, to rest and build resiliency. How do we get grounded so we don’t lose ourselves “out there?”

Meet Geraldine: Geraldine is an expert connector of dots and a believer in blow-your-hair-back kind of magic. She is bold, curious and always comes to the table prepared, with a large shovel, one she uses to help her clients dig deep. Geraldine’s favorite clients are the ones who believe that even if they can’t quite see it, there is gold underneath the rubble. She is a lioness, a protector and isn’t afraid to roll her sleeves up to help clients get where they’re looking to go. 

Geraldine is a Certified Executive Coach (Royal Roads University) with a career portfolio that gives breadth and depth to her personal and professional experience. She currently runs her own coaching practice, GDB Coaching, in Winnipeg, Canada and is on board as a GREAT BIG JOURNEY coach with Steph Jagger. When not working, you can find Geraldine taking long walks beside Canadian riversides or somewhere in the midst of the arts and culture scene.

Payment Info: In lieu of payment please  Donate to the Loveland Foundation a Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls



“Yes I am Hiking Solo!” Navigating Safety in the Outdoors as a Woman 

Hiking Solo as WomanHiking solo as a woman

Workshop Description: Join Nicole as she shares her connection to the outdoors that started from a young age and how solo travel and adventuring have helped her discover more about herself and feel more confident in all aspects of her life. Learning self-defense and personal safety techniques have opened her world even further and her passion for helping and advocating for women has continued to grow. Nicole wants to empower people of all genders to get outside, explore our world, try new activities and feel confident doing so. She’ll discuss everyday situations where she’s had to use her self-defense skills and also rewarding travel stories from her solo travels.

Meet Nicole: Nicole Snell is a dynamic international speaker, workshop facilitator and self-defense instructor specializing in sexual assault & violence prevention education, personal safety and empowerment. Nicole is the CEO of Girls Fight Back, an interactive empowerment self-defense workshop for women and girls, which also offers a range of gender inclusive programs. Nicole is a Lead Instructor for IMPACT Personal Safety’s full contact classes and also sits on the Board of Directors.  She was featured in a self-defense instructional video by Tastemade Travel (in collaboration with IMPACT) that won a People’s Voice Webby Award in May 2020. Nicole is a collaborative partner with Difference Makers (10 Strong), and is an NACP Credentialed Advocate. Over the past 6 years she has traveled around the world leading hundreds of workshop discussions, keynotes and live events at military installations, colleges, high schools and corporations and even had the opportunity to volunteer in Fiji to teach self-defense to women and girls in several local villages. She believes in social justice, equality and that everyone has the right to walk through the world feeling safe, powerful and confident. Nicole is a passionate solo traveler, hiker and adventurer which led her to create Outdoor Defense, an IGTV series that aims to help people stay safe while enjoying the outdoors. Nicole has hiked trails in 15 countries, is a hike leader for Black Girls Trekkin and actively advocates for diversity and representation in the outdoors spaces. She is also a Local Guide for Fjallraven.

Payment Info: Please pay what you can, 100% goes to the workshop leader via Venmo: Nicolesnell19



Writing Truth to Power

Wrtiting Truth to Power with Shawnte SalabertWriting Truth to Power with Shawnte Salabert

 Our voice is one of the most powerful tools that we have. One of the most important ways that we can wield this tool is to advocate for or speak up against policies proposed on the local, state, and federal level. Not everyone is comfortable ringing up their legislators, however; instead, we’ll focus on the power of the written word.

In this hour-long workshop, we’ll cover how to find out about pending legislation, how to find contact information for legislators, and how to craft compelling emails and public comments that allow your voice to be heard. 

Meet Shawnté : Shawnté Salabert is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer interested in the connections between humans and the natural world. Her work has appeared in Adventure Journal, AFAR, Alpinist, Backpacker, The California Sunday Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Modern Hiker, Outside, REI Co-op Journal, SIERRA, and SNEWS, among other outlets. She is the author of Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail: Southern California (Mountaineers Books, 2017).

In addition to writing about the outdoors, Shawnté serves as an ambassador for the American Hiking Society, and volunteers as a trip leader and Wilderness Travel Course instructor with the Sierra Club. She is also on the Sierra Club’s Our Wild America national leadership team.

Payment Info: In lieu of payment, please consider donating to Write Girl ( and/or Young Storytellers (, two organizations that aim to empower young people to express themselves through creative writing—while also writing their own truth to power.



Adventure First Aid 

Adventure First Aid with Roxanne TenscherWilderness First Aid with Roxanne Tenscher

Bumps, bruising and little bit of blood are no big deal until you hit the trail and are dealing with them. Roxanne will be talking about adventure first aid in this workshop.  She will talk about creating a DIY first aid kit, why you should always have a first aid kit with you on adventures, and answer any questions you may have about Wilderness First Aid.

Meet Roxanne: Roxanne started her outdoor education career in 1973 teaching white water rafting skills. Since then she has taught kayaking, skiing, cycling, ultralight backpacking and has been a river guide, a mountain guide and volunteers with the Crater Lake Nordic Ski Patrol. She added wilderness medicine instructor for NOLS Wilderness Medicine to her resume in 2010. She currently lives in southern Oregon and when not out on an adventure, she splits her time between working at REI where she has shared her knowledge of outdoor products and adventures since 1991 and teaching for NOLS Wilderness Medicine. In her free time, she enjoys growing a large organic garden, long river trips, thru-hiking adventures and trekking in the Himalayas.

Payment Info: 100% of payments for this workshop will go towards a BIPOC scholarship fund for a Wilderness First Aid Course – once they start running again.